About Me

SEO is not just a career for me; it is my true passion.

Who is Doreid Haddad?

  • Doreid Haddad is an experienced Senior SEO Expert with a specialization in semantic SEO, structured data, and the development of knowledge graphs for SEO purposes. My expertise lies in providing innovative and scalable SEO solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of companies.
  • Based in: Rome
  • Spoken Languages: Italian, English, and Arabic.

Delivering Tailored and Innovative SEO Solutions for Enhanced Online Presence

With years of experience as a Senior SEO Expert, I bring a deep understanding of semantic SEO, structured data, and knowledge graph development for SEO. I am passionate about delivering innovative and scalable SEO solutions that are precisely tailored to the unique needs of companies.

I am dedicated to helping businesses enhance their online presence and drive organic traffic. Through my expertise in semantic SEO, I can optimize website content and structure to improve search engine visibility. I also specialize in leveraging structured data and knowledge graphs to enhance website performance and user experience.

My goal is to provide effective and results-driven SEO strategies that align with your business objectives. By staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, I ensure that my solutions are cutting-edge and in line with best practices.

I invite you to explore my website further and reach out to discuss how I can assist you in achieving your SEO goals. Thank you for visiting!