Build a Knowledge Graph with Advertools and WordLift

Building a knowledge graph is essential for your SEO strategy. You can start by using your data, or you can crawl a website to extract additional attributes that you can use to build your knowledge graph.

In this webinar, Elias Dabbas and Doreid Haddad will show you how to crawl a website using Advertools and how to add the extracted attributes to your Knowledge Graph using WordLift.

You’ll leave with a workflow you can apply to your daily work, and the tools to help make that work easier and more effective.


  • Using Advertools to explore the structure of a website, its robots.txt, XML sitemap(s), and the general URL structure. This gets us an overview of the content as well.
  • Using Advertools to crawl the required URLs and scrape/extract the needed data.
  • How to create linked open data with what was scraped.
  • Using the structured data to create knowledge graphs.
  • Using the knowledge graphs to get more organic traffic.
  • How search engines consume that data is presented in the knowledge graphs.
  • Explain some practical cases that show how we can get more traffic using the scraping and knowledge graphs.

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